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Nationwide Radio Dispatch

We are a private dispatch communications center providing 24/7 emergency & non-emergency dispatch service 365 days a year for public & private agencies who do not have communication with a traditional municipal 911 center. Our dispatchers communicate with field units and provide a lifeline at the click of a button. Our dispatchers complete a Computer Aided Drafted (CAD) report for every call for units in the field. Our dispatchers also provide assistance in calling local police or fire/ems units, tow trucks, animal control, etc. for our field units. Field units are also able to request dispatch to run vital information needed in the field. Let us be your lifeline, call us today!


Who We Service

  • Constables & Marshals
  • Federal Agencies
  • Special Police
  • Security Agencies & Officers
  • Fugitive Recovery Agents & Bounty Hunters
  • Private Ambulance & Transport Services
  • Private Investigators 
  • Towing & Recovery Companies & Agents 
  • College/University Police & Security  
  • Railroad Police

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